Creative use of QR codes turn Pinnacle Vodka into a great success

In April 2012 Beam Inc procured the Pinnacle Vodka brand from White Rock Distilleries Inc. One year before the merge WRD marketers created the mobile campaign to promote Pinnacle Vodka – Drink recipes »When you are on top you love to mix it up – It is more fun on topTM« and this campaign transform the Pinnacle Vodka brand completely.

Pinnacle Vodka bottles QR code Esponce

Image credit: Pinnacle Vodka

Each bottle of Pinnacle Vodka has a QR code on the back and when scanning, the consumer is redirected to a Pinnacle Vodka Facebook page. If you want to try mixing up a Tropical Punch, Watermelon Cooler, Lemon Meringue Martini or Strawberry Shortcake Boozy Milkshake and you like to throw parties you should check their never-ending drinks recipe ideas and get inspired.

Pinnacle Vodka mobile campaign

They didn’t focus only on tactics as a one-and-done campaign to get more »likes«, »followers« or to solely drive customers to mobile optimized brand pages, but they created a unique content program to gain a long-term commitment from their customers. Brand & product promotion was created around the bigger story which communicated with the consumers from the beginning of the campaign. The key to this was the concept of how to use a QR code to tell the story of what makes Pinnacle Vodka unique. It was not about liquid, but it was more about flavors and how to mix up a unique Vodka cocktails. A Pinnacle Vodka cocktail!

“Pinnacle has become well-known for the wide range of flavors encompassed by the brand – currently around 30 flavors. Since its launch in 2002, the brand has become one of the fastest growing brands in the vodka segment of the distilled spirits industry in the United States.”

To engage with customers they have set up a smart long-term marketing program which includes words and images that resonate among the wider audience who drink spirits. Anyone could identify with their mobile marketing campaign at first glance. The engagement process is smart and easy and by implementing QR codes it has provided a wireless path to this engagement. It’s evident that customers who tried one recipe enjoyed the experience, so much so that they tried more recipes and began to spread the word among their friends. Genius, indeed.

Pinnacle Vodka flavours QR code Esponce

Image credit: Pinnacle Vodka

The campaign is still in full swing and after two years, consumers are still very keen to scan the code and get the latest cocktail recipe. In two years Pinnacle Vodka has created amazing engagement with the target audience all over the US. This has proved to be a great way to keep the link with the customers alive by providing easy to use recipes via mobile devices.

Pinnacle Vodka QR code mobile campaign is an excellent example of how social media and technology can work hand in hand in today’s marketing programs.


Campaign measurable success

Esponce is very proud to support consumer products like Pinnacle Vodka, which have in many ways, the best opportunities to get the most out of QR Code technology. Pinnacle Vodka has used Esponce services ever since we launched the Esponce platform. Esponce has proven to be able to deliver a reliable service and analytics for long-term mobile campaigns.

Pinnacle Vodka Campaign Esponce stats

After two years the Pinnacle Vodka bottle with a QR code linking to their Facebook page is still in use and continues to receive notable mobile traffic. Based on analytics data we can say that using QR codes in the correct manner could bring great results. The data is also easy to use compared with using other marketing analytics.

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